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Easy Steps To Profitably Sell Furniture Online

Last updated on:
NOV 22, 2022

House, offices, workstations, factories and many more places do require furniture. People love to upgrade and add new furniture to their places from time to time. So, if you have decided to sell furniture online then it is a wise choice. Furniture is yet another product to sell online and establishing a proper business is the key to profitability.

This step-by-step guide will help you set up online furniture selling business in a few simple steps.

Steps to Successfully Selling Your Furniture Online

Create your online store

The first step in your furniture selling business is to find out a suitable eCommerce platform to set up your store. The market is of multiple choices to select from and it includes apps as well as websites. No one solution works for everyone. Your ideal platform might not be the same as others. It totally depends on what you want to sell and how much you want to sell.

Online marketplaces like eBay, Pepperfry, Amazon etc are good options. As you can easily set up your store and won't require investment for promotion. Confuse between b2b platforms then read our extensive guide on how to choose b2b marketplace wisely? it will help you to find dedicated customer base will serve as your probable buyers. But you get less creative freedom and more competition. On the other hand, a custom-built website allows you to be creative to your heart's content and is comparatively easier to stand out among others. Although, you will require heavy investment and time to shine. Select whichever works best for you.

Clean up your furniture

This step is for those who have decided to sell old furniture online. Used furniture too has a great deal of demand in the market for its relatively low price and is profitable for sellers also. It is a fact that the old furniture won't be in the best condition. So, you must clean it up to make it more appealing. Remember, people also consider the appearance of the piece you are selling along with its functionality. Whatever pleases the buyer's eyes has a high chance of getting sold. Refinishing the poor-looking furniture or giving it a fresh coat of beautiful paint is all you might need to do.

Set up the right price

What is the right price? The right price is something that attracts a maximum number of buyers and leaves you with a decent profit after the sales. Second-hand furniture usually goes at a lower price but in most cases, it is still profitable. You will have to figure out the right price for your products before moving ahead with anything else. If you are selling fresh furniture then it is important to catch up with your competition. A lower price can surely drive up the sales but of course, the profit margin will reduce. Although, the inventory will quickly clear up. There is always a set audience for every range of product prices, whether low or high. Selling expensive furniture that justifies the price is also a good idea as the right buyer will approach you if you are patient enough.

Take good photos

Remember that the customer is buying the product online so they won't be able to touch or feel the actual products. Therefore, a high-quality photo album is your best bid. You'll have to click pictures of the furniture from multiple angles with adequate lighting to display the best results. Don't forget the close-up shots to display the intricate details of your product. A greater number of pictures helps the buyer to make the decision faster. Keep the picture frame clear and free from any clutter. Also, honesty is much appreciated here. Customers certainly don't want to experience unwanted surprises after the delivery.

Create Product Catalog and Add product Description

Product descriptions not only educate the customers but also persuades them to make a purchase. Since customers do not get a chance to physically have a look at the furniture they appreciate any information related to the product. Dimensions, colour, material, usage, condition, etc are must in a product description. Along with it mentioning the features and benefits of the product is yet another excellent way of convincing the customers. If you are not good with words then a content writer might help you with it, especially if you are going to list the products in a high number.

Promote it

Congratulations, you've successfully set up a store to sell furniture online. The last step is letting people know that you are selling it. Because if people do not know then there will be no sales. A simple way to do it is by promoting your business. Offline promotion is good if you are starting the business on a smaller level. But a larger level requires reaching more audiences and online promotion is the way. Social media presence and promotion help the brand create awareness and reach a greater audience.

Social Media Strategies to Sell Furniture Online

If you're familiar with social media, you're probably aware that consumers love to follow and remain updated on their favourite brands. They are no less than their fans, and this is only possible when the brand actively engages with its audience. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and Facebook provide businesses with a global audience of potential buyers. Social media marketing requires more than merely creating a business account and posting occasionally. It is all about maintaining and optimizing your brand's profile. Posting images, videos, stories, and personal experiences entices people to discover more about your brand.

So now that you have learnt the importance and impact of social media on your business, here are a few marketing tips to help you. also understand how you can find new buyers and suppliers online using B2B leads?

Add Customer Testimonials

Buyers find it difficult to trust online stores and their products, especially when buying products such as furniture. They cannot quite understand the overall quality of the product. Hence, they rely on customer testimonials. These reviews play a pivotal role in a customer's final decision. Therefore, you should request happy customers to share their positive reviews on your store. This boosts your brand's credibility. The reviews can be added to your website and social media account as well.

Offer Discounts & Coupon Codes

Discounts are evergreen, both online and traditional businesses use them. It is an excellent strategy to attract new buyers every now and then. First purchase discounts, seasonal discounts, etc are some ways to leverage its power. Moreover, you can run several contests online to generate buzz on social media and then offer coupon codes to customers.

Discover Multiple Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform works differently, yet they can all help you increase growth and brand exposure. Facebook is one of the oldest social media networks, with the most users. It allows you to interact with a large number of individuals. Instagram is a similar platform, it offers high visual appeal to users. This platform attracts a younger generation of users and is ideal for visually displaying things. LinkedIn is another excellent site for professional networking. It has millions of active users and works effectively for business-to-business content. But is not suitable for eCommerce business. Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Quora and Pinterest are a few more social media platforms to promote your business.

Follow Competition & Adapt Marketing Strategies

If you notice that your competition is reaping the benefits of success while you are struggling to survive, they are undoubtedly doing it better than you. If you can't figure out why they're so successful, it's probably because of their marketing strategies. Good competition acts as a teacher, assisting you in improving and evolving your business model. Observing your competitors is a good way to learn about their strategies. You may discover that they provide certain features and benefits that you are missing out on. Including them in your products/services can help you increase sales. Jeff Bezos, one of the most successful businessmen said, “We watch our competitors, learn from them, see the things that they were doing for customers and copy those things as much as we can.” This does not imply that you should imitate everything; however, giving features that are superior to your competition is essential for success. Being more seasoned in your field will surely enable you to take a customer-centric strategy rather than a competitor-focused approach.

Social Media Influencers

Audiences these days only buy from websites and online stores that are trustable. Therefore, well-established influencers on Instagram play a significant role in educating and marketing the brands. This social media strategy helps to create brand awareness. Influencers already have a dedicated set of audiences that can serve as your customers. So, you can start your influencer marketing journey by collecting the most suitable influencers on Instagram and selecting the one that may fit your budget. Their marketing and word to the buyers will generate new queries and sales to your online furniture business. But it is a must that your business has an active social media presence to get benefited from the campaigns.

Apart from all these tips and strategies, it is important to select between a website or online platform to set up your furniture business. To help you make a wise and fruitful choice we introduce Zyapaar - India's first-ever B2B marketing platform!

How Zyapaar Connects you with Customers?

Zyapaar is a B2B marketplace created for the Indian market. It is a platform that seamlessly connects buyers to sellers and vice versa. This is made possible because of Zyapaar's advanced algorithm that is curated to enrich the user experience. Zyapaar is the perfect B2B marketplace for you to enlist your furniture business. You can easily set up your profile on the platform, followed by listing the products you wish to sell.

Zyapaar is suitable for micro, small and large business entities across the nation. It is a gateway to display and promote your products/services to a larger audience. The platform takes into account the authenticity of every buyer and seller by verifying them beforehand.

Final Words

Furniture is essential for everyone, thus the market demand is always adequate for sellers. And by incorporating result-proven strategies one can easily outshine the competition by emerging on top. Social media marketing allows businesses to create a brand and build their unique identity. The B2B market is gradually mimicking the B2C market, although they are entirely different. But one thing is sure businesses do prefer B2B platforms like Zyapaar. Because it enables them to conduct their business effortlessly with promising results.

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